IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe your favourite season or time of the year.
You should say:

what season (or time of the year) it is  
what the weather is like at this time    
what people usually do at this time  
and explain why you enjoy that season or time of the year or
and explain why you enjoy that season or time of the year more than other seasons or times of the year.


Well, I’m living in Hanoi and you know, the weather patterns are quite different between the North and the South of Vietnam. There are four distinct seasons in Hanoi and the one that I like the most is autumn.

Autumn in Hanoi usually lasts for about 3 months, starting in September and ending in November. It seems to be the most comfortable season in the whole year. The weather during the fall is normally cool with some sunny spells. The temperature tends to fluctuate from 20 to 25 degree celsius. Occasionally, there are light rains in the evening but they are often just short showers.

With the cool breezes, it is ideal for people to get together outside and hang out with their friends. Anothing thing is that everyone wants to have picnics in the urban areas near Hanoi and take some pictures with their family. Also, this time of the year marks the beginning of a new school year for students around Vietnam.

In contrast, the summer is boiling, so it is torturing to have to go out in the streets under the hot sun. Likewise, the winter is freezing and in a typical spring there are usually heavy rains. So, these are really unattractive features of the other seasons. However, the fresh weather during the autumn really makes me feel relaxed and energizes me to do a lot of things. That is the major reason why I prefer the fall and why it has always been my favourite time of the year.


weather patterns: [noun] the regular way in which the weather changes throughout the year.
Example: Due to climate change, the familiar weather patterns are becoming less predictable.

distinct: [adjective] clearly different or of a different type.
Example: Traditional Vietnamese dishes are very distinct from Thai cuisine.

fall: [noun] North American English uses ‘fall’ and British English uses ‘autumn’.
Example: In the fall, many people are already buying warm winter clothes ready for the really cold weather.

spells: [noun] short periods of time.
Example: It will rain for most of the day, but there will be some dry spells.

light: [adjective] not great in amount.
Example: The weather forecast is for light showers only, so don’t worry if you forget to take your umbrella.

showers: [noun] short periods of rain.
Example: Today, there will be some showers, but there will also be many sunny spells.

breezes: [noun] winds that are not strong.
Example: The gentle breezes moved the curtains in my window just a little.

hang out: [phrasal verb] spend a lot of time in a place.
Example: During the school holidays, I hang out in the park with my friends.

marks: [verb] indicates the time of an event or when something regularly happens.
Example: When the leaves of the trees turn to red, this marks the beginning of autumn/the fall.

boiling: [adjective] extremely hot.
Example: In the summer weather, I was boiling in my overcoat!

torturing: [verb] causing severe discomfort or unhappiness.
Example: It was torturing for me to see him slowly becoming more and more ill.

freezing: [adjective] extremely cold.
Example: Don’t forget to wear your winter coat and hat – it’s freezing outside.

energize: [verb] give someone more energy or strength.
Example: The words of the football manager during the interval really energized the players.

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