Part 1


Do you often watch the sky?

I don’t actually. Much as I love stars and astronomy, I barely have time for such activity since I am usually up to my ears in study and work. I would love to spare some time for star-gazing in the future, though.

Do you like to watch the sky in the morning or at night?

I can’t really choose as I love watching the sky in general. Watching the sky during day time can be captivating. But I particularly enjoy the sky during night time, as I think the beauty of shining stars up high are truly breathtaking.

Where is a good place to watch the sky in your hometown?

I live in the city where there are many skyscrapers, and also air pollution is quite a serious problem so it is very difficult to watch the sky. A place to get the best view of the sky, in my opinion, is at the rooftop of a high building, Lotte Tower for example.


Do you often wear shoes?

Of course, I always wear shoes. They go well with all styles, you know. I personally enjoy wearing shoes because they are very comfortable.

Do you like to wear casual or fashionable shoes?

Well, I like casual shoes a lot since they are comfortable. Fashionable shoes are my last resort, as I only wear them on special occasions like weddings or conferences.

How often do you buy shoes?

To be honest, I don’t have an eye for fashion so I just avoid shopping as much as I can. I guess I shop for new shoes only when my previous ones are torn, and every time I go shopping I have to take my best friend with me. She is a shopaholic and an expert in fashion.

Have you ever purchased shoes online?

I did, and it was a mistake. I bought my running shoes from an online shop last year and the sole of the shoes came off just after a few months. It was just money down the drain.

Part 2

Describe a book you have recently read
• What kind of book it is
• What it is about
• What sort of people would enjoy it
And explain why you liked it


I am a bookworm so when it comes to describing a book I read, I am really confused since I don’t know which one to choose, but I will tell you about the book that I have just finished most recently – Angel and Demon – a bestselling mystery-thriller novel written by Dan Brown.

The whole story revolves around the protagonist named Robert Langon who is on a quest to rescue Popes and discover underlying mysteries of the Catholic church. Though the book involves a lot of religious issues, it can cater to all kinds of readers as there aren’t many technical terms. From my point of view, it is a true masterpiece, enchanting and captivating, filled with conspiracies and plot twists that really send shiver down my spine. I was so fascinated by the book that I had to find the film adaptation online to watch afterwards, and it did not let me down at all. The movie was so action-packed that it kept me on the edge of my seat.

What I especially like about the book is that it is very thought provoking and it kept me thinking for a very long time after I had already finished reading. I appreciate the moral lessons of the book. The story, though may sound distant to our lives, conveys meanings that are relatable to readers, and I am grateful that I learnt something from the book.

All in all, it is an outstanding book that I would definitely recommend to my friends.


Part 3

What kind of books do children like?

I’m not sure, but I guess they enjoy fairy tales and folk stories since the plots are usually quite bright. For example, most kids read Cinderella and love the book very much. I guess it is because it has beautiful characters and a happy ending.

What should parents do to encourage their children to read books?

It is necessary that parents encourage their children’s reading activities at an early age. This can help kids develop a habit of reading for pleasure. Also, parents should not be too controlling over the books their children read, let them do what they like and read what they love will keep them more interested in reading.

Why do adults still have to read books?

I think because people can learn a lot from reading books, as books not only are stress-relieving but also enrich one’s soul and enhance one’s knowledge, and learning is a process of a lifetime. For that reason, people of all ages still read books.

How will reading change in the future?

Owing to the development of technology, paper books may be a thing of the past as digital books are taking over. Online reading through devices such as laptop, mobile phones and kindles are now favored since it is much more convenient. However, I can’t really tell because many of my friends still enjoy the feeling of having a book in their hands.

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