Part 1


Where are you studying now?

I am currently studying in University of Finance and Marketing and majoring in International Business administration. Well, I am a sophomore.

Why did you choose that school?

I didn’t actually choose it. You know, this school was actually one of the highly recommended universities that my parents believe it would suit me most. That’s why they told me to apply for it and I did.

What is your favorite subject at school?

I love attending soft skill classes which are compulsory subjects in the curriculum. These skills, like public speaking or time management, are very fun and useful subjects and I really love their practicability.

Is there anything you want to improve in your school?

Despite its modern facilities and beautifully designed buildings, my school really needs to provide more green space for students on campus as well as in classrooms. You know, more trees will provide more shade and cool air for us to study more efficiently.


How often do you buy shoes?

I am not a big fan of shoes so I only buy them when they are worn out. It’s been around 1 year ever since the last time I bought a pair of shoes.

Have you ever bought shoes online?

No I haven’t ever done that simply because I have a very negative view of online shopping. I hate receiving a product that isn’t as good as advertised on those websites. I prefer going to the store and check the quality before making a purchase.

Do you prefer comfortable shoes or good-looking shoes?

I prefer shoes that are more comfy and convenient. Because I have to go out very frequently to see customers or friends, I need comfortable shoes that are soft and light in order not to feel hurt after a long day.


Do you like to look at the sky at night?

Well just occasionally. I mean the sky is beautiful as long as it isn’t rainy or too sunny. Yet, we are told not to gaze directly at the sun as it may cause great harm to our eyesight.

Do you prefer the sky in the morning or the sky at night?

At night, definitely; while the daytime sky is rather boring, the starry night sky, especially that in the countryside, is so amazing that I was entranced by the first time I saw it many years ago. That wasn’t like anything you can find in cites nowadays.

Can you see the moon and stars at night where you live?

Due to light pollution, the stars are too faint to be seen in Ho Chi Minh City, but we can easily catch sight of the moon out there. Once a month, from here we can see the full moon which is incredibly beautiful.

Part 2

Describe a kind of food people eat in a special occasion
• When you eat that meal
• How you prepare it
• What ingredients are used to prepare it
and explain why you enjoy it.


Because my mom is a super great cook, so since I was a child, I have had a privilege to try lots of awesome dishes. So when it comes to Vietnamese food, there are hundreds of choices coming to my mind. But the one I would talk about is Banh Chung, a traditional food that most Vietnamese people eat during Tet holiday. According to the Vietnamese culture, making Banh Chung is a way to express gratitude to our ancestors and homeland.

Compared with cooking ordinary food, the process of making Banh Chung is much more complicated and time-consuming as it requires lots of ingredients and skills. To make Banh Chung, we need glutinous rice, pork meat, and green beans. First we have to choose and soak sticky rice in water one night in advance. Rice is wrapped in square shape, and the wrapping power must be neither tight nor loose. Then Banh Chung will be boiled for about 12 hours. This is the most memorable part, as we tend to gather around the fire, chatting and having snacks the whole night. No matter how modern the world may become, having Banh Chung with beloved ones still plays an irreplaceable role in the Vietnamese spiritual life during Tet holidays.


Part 3

Do Vietnamese people eat rice every day?

Well, it depends on which age group we are talking about. With millennials, eating rice every day sounds like an evil torture as they love trying new things such as pizza or hamburgers instead of sticking to just one type of food. Yet, with older people, especially ones preferring traditional values, rice is an essential part of their daily diet so having it in every meal should be fine.

Do people in your country like to eat food from plants or animals?

In the past Vietnamese people used to consume a massive amount of meat. However, nowadays we are more concerned about our general well-being so food derived from plants has become a more popular choice for the majority of Vietnamese people.

In your opinion, should people become vegetarians?

No, not at all. Although it’s always a good idea to eat vegetable every day, only eating vegetable is a totally different story. I think having a rich spiritual life with various kinds of food is as important as eating in a proper way.

Should we eat more for breakfast or lunch?

That’s not something I often think about, but maybe having a carefully prepared breakfast is a wiser option. By doing so, we will have all the energy and nutrition required for a whole day. Meanwhile, having a simple lunch sounds more reasonable for most of us due to our hectic working schedule.

Is there any dierence in the food that the rich and the poor eat?

Basically, a major difference is not the kind of food they eat but the quality. Affluent people tend to spend lots of money on food so their meals would be more nutritious whereas poor people have to rely on cheap sources of calories to meet their daily requirement. For example, while the rich have a proper breakfast, the underprivileged would just have some bread and butter.

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