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The pie charts show the destination of export goods in three countries in 2010.

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Write about the following topic:


Most of the world’s problems are caused by overpopulation. Do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

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The given pie charts illustrate the percentage breakdown of goods exported from three South American countries, in 2010.

It is clear that while Argentina and Chile’s exports were distributed more evenly amongst other nations, the large majority of Mexico’s exports were to the USA.

From the charts it can be seen that Argentina and Chile’s export trends were almost identical, with the majority of their exports going to other Latin American countries, at 38% for Argentina, and 31% for Chile. Meanwhile, 26% of Argentina’s exports went to Europe, 16% to the USA, and 20% to other countries. Similarly, Chile’s exports consisted of 30% to Europe, 18% to the USA, and 21% to other countries.

In contrast, the large majority of Mexico’s exports were to the USA, at 82%. The remaining exports from Mexico were to Europe, at 6%, other Latin American countries, at 6%, and other countries, also receiving 6%.

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Many people consider overpopulation as the main cause of most problems in the world. From my point of view, while many of the world’s issues are caused by overpopulation, I believe that most problems that people are facing already existed before the world’s population explosion.

It is a proven fact that many problems exist due to overpopulation. Firstly, overpopulation puts a strain on the planet’s natural resources. As people need fuel for their cars, an increasing number of people has increased the demand for fossil fuels, such as oil and gas. These resources are unrenewable, and therefore overpopulation will inevitably lead to the depletion of such resources quicker, potentially causing an energy crisis. Secondly, a dense population means a decline in the quality of people’s lives. Life in big cities, such as Beijing, is a good example of this as there is not enough space to accommodate everyone, with lower-class families having to live in very cramped housing.

On the other hand, many issues are inherent in human society, regardless of population size. War, for example, has existed since humans lived in tribes with only a small number of people. Nevertheless, war brings strife and destruction to societies. In addition, discrimination based on race, gender and social standing has plagued millions of individuals, even though these issues are unrelated to the size of the population. Therefore, it is inaccurate to say that over-population is the main culprit behind most of mankind’s problems.

In conclusion, overpopulation can cause many problems to society and individuals, however, there are other factors involved as well.

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