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The tables give information about the average hours work by part-time and full-time men and women in three countries in Europe in 2002 and compare them with the European countries.

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Writing, reading and maths are the three recognized traditional subjects. Computer skill should also be the fourth largest branch. Do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

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The provided tables illustrate the breakdown of the average time men and women in three European nations worked in full time and part time positions, in the year 2002.

Overall, males worked more than their counterparts in both types of jobs. Apart from this, Greek people spent more time working than those from the other countries.

As for the average working hours of full-timers, Greece topped the list with nearly 40 hours for females and 42.5 hours for males. This was followed by the Netherlands with 38 hours for both genders. Meanwhile, 37 hours was the total amount of time women in the UK allocated to their work, slightly lower than that of men with 37.5 hours. In general, in this category, male workers in Europe worked more than female individuals.

Regarding the figures for part-time workers, it is noticeable that those from Greece still held the highest position in the list with 29.3 hours for women and 30 hours for men. Similarly, UK males also had more part-time hours, at 29, compared to 28 hours for females. Conversely, a reverse trend can be seen in the numbers of men and women in Netherlands, with 28.3 hours for the former and 29.2 hours for the latter.

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With the use of computers in almost every aspect of life, many people argue that computer skills are becoming an important subject at school besides the holy trinity of writing, reading and math. Personally, I agree with this opinion for a number of reasons.

To begin with, including computer skills as a compulsory subject at school can help students be better prepared for their future career. In this era of technology, it goes without saying that computer literacy is an indispensable requirement that almost every recruiter seeks in a resume. Therefore, in order to gain and secure a decent job in the future, students definitely should have a good grasp of computers skills such as Microsoft Office or internet and social media skills.

In addition, teaching computer skills at school means providing students with a versatile tool to be able to have access to an almost unlimited source of knowledge and information. Students with computer skills can get access to a large amount of online materials and also take advantage of distance learning, which facilitates self-study. For example, my 12-year-old sister can now study English pronunciation on Youtube channels at home by herself thanks to information searching skills she was taught at primary school.

Finally, regarding entertainment and social life, being armed with just some basic computer skills, students can also join social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter to keep in contact with their relatives who live far away or widen their circle of online friends. They can also approach a wide range of music websites or online games to help relax after studying.

In conclusion, for the above mentioned reasons, I completely believe that computer skills should be recognized as one of the more significant subjects besides the conventional ones like math, reading and writing.

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