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Autumatic Photo Booth.
Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

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Write about the following topic:


Scientists say that in the future humanity will speak the same language.
Do you think this is a positive or negative social development?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.


The flow chart shows the main feature of a coin-operated photo booth, which allows the user to take large or passport-size self-portraits. 

Two buttons on the outside of the booth allow you to select the size of photo (large format or passport size). If the large format setting is chosen, you will only receive one photo. Passport-sized photos are issued in sets of four. Two buttons below these let you choose colour or black and white, although you must choose colour for passport photos. There is also a slot on the outside of the booth for the insertion of coins, and a larger slot where the photos are delivered.

Inside the booth, there is an adjustable seat to sit on. The seat should be adjusted so that your eyes are level with the arrow on the screen. A mirror allows you to check your appearance before the photos are taken.

The curtain in the doorway should be closed when the photos are taken. A light to the right of the screen comes on, telling you to prepare. After this, the flash goes off after three seconds. The photographs are delivered outside within sixty seconds.

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At present, there are thousands of languages being spoken in the many regions of the globe. However, perhaps in the foreseeable future, only one common language will exist as a means of communication. In my opinion, although this development would help to increase international communications, it would be highly detrimental to the diversity of our species.

If we all spoke the same language, it would be the bridge to harmony and understanding between different cultures and countries. It would eliminate the key hurdle that keeps groups of people separate because we all have a sense of familiarity through language. We could therefore better comprehend different cultures that used to be somewhat misinterpreted due to a linguistic barrier.

Nevertheless, if there were one common language, a part of a country’s core identity would be sacrificed. Language not only is the way people living in the same society communicate but also symbolizes their origins and defining characteristics. Vietnamese people, for example, have been known for their heroism and patriotism through the words of their anthems, while most people think of France as a land of romance because French is considered to be the language of love.

Cultural diversity and historical values would also be put at stake as a consequence of this trend. Dialects in any part of a country carry unique stories and lessons of the past which are closely linked to religions, beliefs, and lifestyles. And a world that uses only one language would be the ground for the likely unfortunate disappearance of those precious aspects of life.

In conclusion, although a single global language would help to ease language barriers between nations, I believe it would be a major threat to human identity, culture and history.

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