1.  Traffic and housing problems in major cities could be solved by moving large companies and factories and their employees to the countryside.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Sample Answer

These days with increasing urban populations, there are major problems with congestion and not only the price, but also availability of accommodation in large cities of the world. It seems that one possible solution could be to relocate large companies and factories as well as their respective employees out of these urban areas and into more rural ones. In my opinion, I strongly agree that this would have a desired effect in making cities more livable.

To begin with, the traffic problem in cities doesn’t only exist from commuting employees, but also the general public travelling around the city. While this may be a fact, if the number of worker’s vehicles is reduced on city streets, a large percentage of traffic will obviously decline in rush hours. For example, peak hour traffic is undoubtedly made up largely of staff from companies going to and from home.

Secondly, in regards to housing problems, populations will always continue to grow in cities and therefore inadvertently decrease the number of cheap and available apartments. This is certainly obvious, however, a large proportion of these apartments are occupied by employees from large firms and their families. If this workforce is relocated to housing estates in the country, city apartment blocks will fall in price and certainly increase in availability.

In conclusion, by relocating workers to rural areas to work and reside, heavy traffic conditions and lack of adequate accommodation in city centres will obviously change for the better. As far as I’m concerned, I agree that the government should enforce such a law in order to increase our standard of living in our hectic city life.

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2.  Every day traffic seems to get worse on our roads. How can we reduce the number of cars on our roads today? What alternatives can we offer car drivers?

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The more people that there are in the world, the more cars there are on the road. People are richer too and often families have more than one car. It has been proved that building more roads does not work; it just encourafes more traffic.

So, what can we do? People like their cars and the freedom and independence that cars give them. One possibility would be to raise car taxes and fuel taxes so that people do not want to spend the extra money. Taxes on new car sales as well could be increased in order to discourage people from buying. Perhaps a used car sales tax could be introduced too. In the same way motorways could have tolls charged for using them although this may just increase congestion on smaller roads as people try and avoid the motorways. The government that introduces such ideas will not be popular though and would probably lose power. Governments would therefore be unlikely to set up such new measures.

I think it would be better to try and change people‛s attitudes and offer them alternatives. Educate them more about the pollution and waste that they are causing. Persuade them to car share, use public transport or even cycle if the distances are not too long. Countries such as Holland and Denmark are well known for how their citizens are passionate about green issues and how they use bicycles when they can.

Reducing traffic is a difficult task. I don‛t think it is possible realistically to reduce car numbers but I do think that we can change people‛s attitudes and get them to use different ways of travelling.

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