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The table below gives information about the temperatures and hours of daylight
during the same weekend in two cites in May 2007.

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Write about the following topic:


In many countries, the costs of living are rising. What are the effects on individuals and society? Suggest solutions to this problem.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

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The tables show differences in the temperatures and daylight hours in Mumbai and
Moscow in a particular weekend in May 2007.

Overall, In Mumbai, the temperatures recorded over three consecutive days were
relatively consistent, whereas those in Moscow witnessed significant changes. In
addition, despite being warmer, Mumbai enjoyed fewer hours of daylight compared to

In Mumbai, the temperatures were nearly the same from Friday to Sunday, with the
highest figure being 33.4C and the lowest one being 15C. The average number of
daylight hours was approximately 13 hours, with the sun often rising at about 6AM.

Meanwhile, the temperature was much colder in Moscow. The maximum temperature
during the day was 17C on Friday, and slightly lower on Saturday and Sunday, at 13C
and 15C respectively, which were twice as low as the temperature in Mumbai on
the respective days. The minimum temperatures recorded during this weekend were
between 2C and 8C. The average number of daylight hours in this city was more than
16 hours, from around 5.30am to 10pm.

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These days, many people around the world are struggling to deal with rising living costs.
The following essay will outline some of the effects of this issue, and some possible

Higher living costs are affecting both individuals and society in a number of ways. On
an individual level, many people, particularly those living in big cities these days, cannot
keep up with the rising costs of living and therefore have to have more than one job in
order to make ends meet. As a result, these people barely have any time left for leisure
activities and could even be more prone to negative medical conditions like depression
or anxiety disorder. On a societal level, rising living costs can cause people with financial
problems to turn to crime in order to make more money. For example, in some Asian

countries where the monthly salary of a police officer is very low, many of them turn to
corruption to make enough money.

Although rising living costs pose serious problems in many places, there are a number of
solutions that could be implemented to help tackle this issue. Firstly, individuals need to
learn how to budget their income more effectively, and be careful not to waste money.
By adhering to a strict budget, people will be able to pay their bills and save money to
cover other expenses. On the other hand, governments should enact laws to ensure
that citizens receive minimum wages that are enough to cover rising living expenses.
Lastly, governments can create more jobs, particularly in big cities where living costs are
much higher.

In conclusion, although many people around the world are finding it difficult to cope
with rising living costs, there are a number of solutions that may help to mitigate the

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