Part 1


Do you like art?

I am a big fan of paintings. For me, they bring me an aesthetic appeal that is hard to resist. I am especially interested in abstract paintings as they always trigger my curiosity. If possible, I want to hang as many of them as possible in my house.

Do you think art classes are necessary? Why?

It depends. If one decides to pursue art as a career, attending art classes is a must in order to learn about artistry. However, if drawing or painting is just a leisure pursuit, people can learn by themselves by accessing some tutorial clips available in the Internet. That helps save lots of money.

How do you think art classes affect children’s development?

Art classes are very meaningful to help develop children’s critical thinking and strengthen their creativity. In fact, many parents have realized their children’s potential through these art classes.


Have you ever littered?

Never in my entire life, even a small piece of candy wrapper. I know how such a small action can have a big impact on the environment. That is why my bag or jacket’s pockets are always full of liters after being back home from somewhere outside.

Why do people liter?

Without hesitation, they may throw things like plastic bottles or cups in public places if a trash bin cannot be found. However, some may even liter right next to a bin, so I believe littering has become a habit of many people.

How do you feel about that?

I often get very furious. I still remember a time seeing a man throwing a plastic cup of milk tea. At that time, I wish I could have enough courage to tell him pick it up and put into the bin. There is no reason to damage the environment with such a lack of awareness.


Do you remember your dream when you wake up?

No, for most of the time. That is why there were mornings I got up with pity for forgetting all the beautiful dreams I had the night before. However, sometimes I have nightmares too, and it is a good idea not to remember them at all.

Do you like hearing others’ dreams?

Yes, most of the dreams I have heard from others are funny stories, so they are so entertaining. Being chased by a cow or flying after a helicopter are some of my little brother’s dreams that used to bring me a good laugh.

Do you think dreams will affect life?

Sweet dreams do no harm, but nightmares do. Nightmares often make people feel worried in case they bring images about a future scenario. That may affect people’s productivity in work and study.

Part 2

Describe a time you received a terrible service.
• When it was
• Where you went to
• How poor the service was
And say how you felt about that service.


I am going to talk about a very bad service I received by a cashier from BigC Supermarket. It happened just last Sunday when I went to CGV cinema for a horror movie, then dropped into BigC Supermarket located in the ground floor of the same building for some vegetables. My shopping had been so enjoyable until I was at the checkout where a female cashier just drove me crazy.

My first impression was that she had unwelcoming facial expression as if someone had just annoyed her. To me, that was fine because people may sometimes be tired or sick, and we shouldn’t ask them to always give us a smile. However, when I asked her some questions related to the promotion program of some products, her response was so loud and rude that it attracted attention of the people around. I felt like she was shouting at me rather than giving information. The drama came to its climax when she refused to give me more plastic bags when I asked for more. As a consequence, with stuff left on the counter, I had to manage every way to cram them all into the two small bags that she had given before. You know, I had a hard time to calm me down and release myself from irritation because I did not want to cause any trouble in the public.

I went home, feeling so bad about what had happened. I called the hotline and voiced my complaint because it was necessary for such improper behavior to be corrected. I think the customer service is very important as it has a big influence on customer loyalty and every business should take it into account to survive in a competitive market.


Part 3

How important is customer service?

It is very important, I must say. Customer service is an important factor that decides customer loyalty to a product or service. When they spend money for something, it is not only the quality that they care, but also the shopping experience. In fact, lots of companies have been successful in providing good customer care by making phone calls to offer further support to their customers, which brings satisfaction and pleasure.

What can companies do to improve their customer service?

I think there are many things that a company can do to enhance their customer service. Businesses should listen to customers’ feedback through means of phone call or survey and should take action after that to improve their product or service’s quality. It is necessary to handle customers’ complaints effectively to ease their discomfort and disappointment. Moreover, training staff with appropriate behavior and politeness is also a key mission as they are fundamental in terms of customer service.

Why do you think employees sometimes don’t provide good customer service?

I think for many cases; staff does not have skills in serving customers. That may be because of a lack of training within an organization. For example, a group of graduates who have little hands-on experience in sales may not know how to deal with difficult customers and can become the cause of many complaints.

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