Part 1


Are you interested in robots?

Yes, for sure. I’m a techie, so robots have been one of my favorite toys growing up. I’m really excited at the development of artificial intelligence and robots in recent years.

What can robots do for humans?

Robots are versatile. They have domestic uses like cleaning the house and they can do dangerous tasks like rescue missions or space exploration as well. Robots can also be used in the process of manufacturing cars.

Do you want to take a car driven by a robot?

I’m totally okay to be inside a driverless car. I mean, I will not have to deal with traffic jams or other silly drivers and let robots do all the heavy lifting. Sounds like a good deal!

Watch TV

Do you often watch TV?

Yes. I’ve always been a technology enthusiast since day one. I remember going crazy over the color TV my parents bought 20 years ago and. Throughout my childhood, watching TV was a hobby that I did on a daily basis. These days, TV has lost its popularity, but I still watch it a few times a month. It reminds me of my childhood.

What types of TV programs are popular in your country?

I guess it depends on genders and ages. Kids love watching cartoons, men like news and sport channels while perhaps the ladies are more interested in reality shows.

What (types of) programs did you watch as a child?

Nothing other than cartoon. “Cartoon Network” and “Disney Channel” used to be my favorites. I still remember many of the theme songs of Disney movies. My mom hated seeing me in front of the screen, but I believe foreign cartoons help kids like me cultivate our language skills and learn about other cultures.

Part 2

Describe a quiet place
• Where it is
• When you like to go there
• What you do there
and why do you like to visit there.


Today I’m going to talk about a place I think is really quiet, which is the elevator.

I know library or cafe will more likely to pop up in our mind when we are asked to name a quiet place, but have you ever thought about the fact that people rarely talk to each other in the elevator? Indeed, when three to four people are cramped into a confined area, human interactions are reduced to almost none and the awkward silence will continue until you exit. And that’s why I believe elevator is one of the quietest places on Earth.

Speaking of why I think of the elevator, it was all thanks to a security guard. As I was walking my bike out of the office in the basement last week, I couldn’t find that security guard, who never left his spot, anywhere until the elevator bell rang “ding” and there he was. He walked out of the elevator with his guitar in his hands, grinning to me: “Yeah, sorry I went in to record some of my new songs. It’s so quiet and fully soundproof”. He has a thing for music so that did not surprise me one bit, yet I still hope that he pays more attention to our bikes next time.

But I guess I have to thank him and his mini studio for helping me coming up with this idea. That’s all I got.


Part 3

Are there any other quiet places?

There are plenty. Different places, like cafes or temples, are quiet because visitors respect others and keep silent as a common courtesy. Some places required people to remain silent., such as the library. Or some places are simply not usually surrounded by people, like most parks and gardens in the morning.

Why do people like to spend time in quiet places?

I guess the answer to this question varies. Some people find the absence of sound perfect opportunity to focus on their work or study. That’s why libraries often become a popular hang-out spot before final weeks. Also, some introverted people love spending time in quiet cafes or parks where the tempo of life has slowed down a bit since these places give them great peace of mind.

Why do some people dislike quiet places?

Yeah there are many possibilities. Maybe some people are extroverts and enjoy crowded places as well as the exciting ambience. Others, on the other hand, might be afraid of quiet places because the lack of noise makes them feel lonely, which may lead to negative thoughts.

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