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Speaking Part 2

 with  Band 8 Sample Recordings

1.   Describe a couple you know who have a happy marriage.

2.   Describe a helpful person at work or at school.

3.   Describe a new friend you’ve made recently.

4.   Describe a polite person you met. 

5.   Describe a family member who has had an important influence on you.

6.    Describe an invention that changed people’s lives

7.    Describe your favourite piece of clothing

8.    Describe a book that you would like to read again

9.    Describe a city or town you have been to

10.    Describe a place you visited

11.    Describe a café you like or dislike

12.    Describe a lesson that you enjoyed

13.    Describe a leisure activity near or on the sea

14.    Describe a TV program you enjoy

15.    Describe a service from a company or shop

16.    Describe an interesting conversation you had with someone

17.    Describe a change in your life

18.    Describe a time when you worked in a team

19.    Describe a piece of good news you heard

20.    Describe a trip you took by bike

21.    Describe a decision that you disagreed with

22.    Describe an enjoyable experience you had in the countryside

23.    Describe a type of weather you like

24.    Describe an interesting talk or speech you heard

25.    Describe an experience when you spent time with a child

26.   Describe a piece of artwork that you have seen before

27.   Describe a useful website that you often visit

28.   Describe one of your best friends

29.   Describe a street you know well

30.   Describe a time when you saw an interesting animal

31.   Describe a famous person that you are interested in

32.   Describe an interesting neighbour you know

33.   Describe a family member that made you proud

34.   Describe two people from the same family

35.   Describe an important plant in your country

36.   Describe a foreign food you would like to try

37.   Describe a crowded place

38.   Describe a popular place

39.   Describe a newly-opened shop

40.   Describe a place you want to work

41.   Describe a time you arrived early

42.   Describe an interesting event

43.   Describe a plan

44.   Describe a special trip in the near future

45.   Describe a kind of music or a song

46.   Describe a time when you were not allowed to use your cell phone

47.   Describe a TV series you enjoy watching

48.   Describe an interesting advertisement

49.   Describe someone you admire who is much older than you

50.   Describe a person who has apologised to you

51.   Describe a dinner you enjoyed with your friends

52.   Describe a time when you had to work hard to achieve a goal

53.   Describe a holiday or vacation you have been on

54.   Describe a happy family event that you remember well

55.   Describe a long journey you travelled by car

56.   Describe a short trip that was special to you

57.   Describe an environmental law

58.   Describe a recent happy event

59.   Describe a long walk you had

60.   Describe a situation when someone made noise

61.   Describe a difficult choice that you made

62.   Describe what you would do if you were given a day off 

63.   Describe an ideal house

64.   Describe a book you liked to read in your childhood

65.   Describe a success in your life

66.   Describe a time when you were looking at the sky

67.   Describe an article you read about healthy life

68.   Describe a new skill you would like to learn

69.   Describe one activity stopped by the weather

70.   Describe a person who gave a clever solution to a problem

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